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Boost Your Sales

The easiest way to increase business sales is to organize working prospects and keeping them from falling through the cracks. jaguarCRM does this.

Why Our CRM?

Designed by top rated application developers!

jaguarCRM is responsive over various platforms including tablets and smart phones make it unique in the world of contact management.

  • Secure

    We not only use secure servers, but they are lightning quick. They won’t bog down while you are working in the CRM.

  • Multi-purpose

    The CRM manages contact information (always have info at fingertips), activities, documents, campaigns, sales pipelines, charts, key dates, customer relations, records, and searches of immeasurable options.

  • User Friendly

    jaguarCRM was inspired by a salesperson over a seven-year period to give the most responsive, user-friendly experience possible. It will show itself to be unmatched in the simplicity of use.

Features You'll Love

jaguarCRM is fully responsive for every viewport. Viewing on TV's, Desktops, Laptops, and Phones are convenient and user-friendly.


Manage Clients

Contact management; Raw leads; Prospects; Clients; Client/Prospects; and Accounts.

Custom Calendar

To do’s; Calls; Appointments; Events; Mail campaigns; Email campaigns; Seminars; and Conference calls.

Sales Pipeline

Organize and track the sales process; know which step comes next in the sales process, and complete all sales opportunities.

Document Management

Upload of key documents; Easy access via the cloud; Paperless office; and Organized sales career/organization.

  • Send Emails

    Send all your emails through the CRM. Allows for custom email templates, too!

  • Create Campaigns

    Create and keep track of your marketing campaigns/target list with the planning status feature.

  • Maps

    Google maps have been built in for ease of use in viewing customer relation locations.

  • Android

  • IOS


How it Works

jaguarCRM is a full service, full-featured contact management system. It is fast, powerful and unique. It can help manage a large company, organization, team or individual business. Schedule, specify, track and follow up with activities, tasks, calls, appointments, events, mailings, etc. Look at your organization's sales from many perspectives. Keep precise records of sales and sales pipelines with all stages clearly mapped out. Examine team and individual stats via charts, graphs, and other options. Set up pickups and deliveries. Map your contacts and create routes in Google Maps. It is a time-saver and creates a greater efficiency in your organization. Track invoices and other key documents. Load documents into the system and access via the cloud, turning your office into a paperless one. Set user roles and permissions to allow and deny access to records and sharing as you deem best for your organization.

Explore Admin Features

Users and Roles, Permissions, Privacy and sharing.

Users and Roles: You can define roles such as President, Manager, Office Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Agent and much more. With each of these roles, you can assign permissions.

Permissions: You will control who can view any information in the system. For example, the sales manager can see all the salespeople records, but the individual seller would not be able to review each others unless specified otherwise. Some users may be able to view, edit, delete all, most, some records or just their own. You can have some users view files and edit, but not delete them. You can have some users that are only able to see records with a read-only permission. Your organization will define what is most important in this area. This feature will give your organization full control of the security and functionality you need to be most successful while addressing privacy issues.

Privacy and sharing: The use of Roles and permissions will give your organization's users the privacy needed as well as provide a platform for sharing. It creates a platform for your team to work on projects together, develop and edit documents, etc. It also enables you to allow or deny access to individual records based on user permissions.


Try Before You Buy

Why are you still waiting? Demo our impressive CRM application as an admin. This is an open solution so please do not store any sensitive information.


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