Custom Created
For Independent Agents

Organize Your  Life!

Why Our CRM?

  • Customized For Independent Agents
  • Introducing Our Unique, New Electronic Whiteboard
  • One Place For Contacts, Pipeline, Websites/Passwords
  • Email/Text/Call From Your Contacts
  • Utilize Email Campaigns For Prospects and Clients
  • ​Secure and HIPPA Compliant For Your Protection
  • Many Unique Features Found in No Other crm
  • Vintage Video Library of Top Sales Trainers

Why a Jaguar?

Our goal was not to offer the same thing everyone else does but to be unique with our crm features.  We chose the symbol for our crm as a jaguar first because of the power of the jaguar. They have the second strongest bite in the mammal kingdom with over 2,000 pounds of pressure. In fact, it is twice that of the lion. Our CRM is very powerful and offers features not found on any of the top crms available. Here is one more fun fact. Jaguars are supreme tree climbers. That is unique. 

3 Ways Jaguar Will Pay For Itself:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Organization

KEEP Sales That Are Now Falling Through The Cracks

The proven numbers with what is lost without a CRM speak for themselves. At least a sale a month falls through the cracks with only a paper system for leads. One incredible frustration is to not being able to find that ever elusive lead form. Never again!

View Sales Pipeline and Your Estimated Commissions

Quickly while doing a quote input basic information for a sale. Then simply copy from the online sale portal and you will have all you need. Now, look at a funnel with your full sales process pipeline or what you estimate will be your commissions. 

Use The Power of Jaguar to Get and Stay Connected

Easily send out emails and texts right from a contact. Use mass email to send one message or a drip message to prospects. Conveniently use mass email with all of your clients. The cost is not having JaguarCRM. It pays for itself over and over again.

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